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This collaborative release includes 1 of 25 animated digital artworks, an A1 Posterzine, and unlimited access to the full 130-page enhanced version of the report. For ref, 95% of revenues will be split between the 30+ contributors who created the report and funding future releases. Scroll down for more ...

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About the report

DIRTY WORDS are words that dominate brand and media conversations and whose original meaning has been modified by cultural shifts. We want to take a step back and re-focus on the usage of these words. The goal is not to reach an objective definition of each DIRTY WORD, but to explore concept and context to build a foundation for discussion.

Unlike our previous reports, this has been a research adventure between Protein Agency and Protein Community in order to create space to share mutual perspectives and learnings between our members and other communities. Within the report, we explore:

  • The spaces where IRL and URL communities live and thrive
  • The role community plays in our identities
  • The different economic opportunities and challenges of running a community
  • What this all means for brands that are looking to engage with, create, cultivate, or grow their own communities

Where your money goes

  • 65% to 30+ contributors who created this release
  • 30% to fund future collaborative releases
  • 5% to platform fees

Release Details

Release #: 066
Release Date: 15.05.23
Collaborators: Protein Community x Protein Agency
Edition: 625
Format: MP4
Blockchain: Polygon
Contract: 0x492eF8134B212Fb50cB246DA3441C07D613A7c97
Links: Opensea / Versiart / Polyscan
Support: FAQ here and please email us or jump into our Discord for anything else